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    一、One, how to buy a vacuum packaging machine (models Gouji attention to matters)
    According to the main structure and vacuum packaging machine components of a quality vacuum packaging machines Taiwan must have the following basic conditions :

      1, the selection of quality vacuum pump accessories, and the vacuum pump must be able to ensure a good brand, the old name their products, such as domestic Shanghai, Nantong renowned brand pump manufacturers, the German "Leybold", "Busch" "Becker" brand products are worth having.

      2, the selection of electrical components must be standardized low-voltage electrical products manufacturing enterprises, and ensure the safety, reliability, durability, and partly because the electrical control packaging machines brain. Whole sets of control lines composition must ensure the maintenance of the facilities and spare parts interoperability, standardization, and the State Department has prohibited the use of banned eliminate old series, the old model standard electrical switches and other components (such products while allowing manufacturers to reduce costs, but to add a trouble user).

      3, whole sets of steel structures from the material thickness to be able to meet the demands of frequent use, particularly vacuum chamber body structure and food-grade materials used to meet the health requirements and standards thickness, intensity. Taiwan is one of quality packaging machines, manufacturers or dealers in sales, can long-term commitment to the vacuum chamber body parts "three" services, rather than six months or one year of service commitment.

      4, the machine designs to be reasonable, attractive and in keeping with mechanical and electrical products (or vacuum packaging machines) professional standardization requirements of the basic safety, various presentation will be available at key locations and marking, data plate must specify the number of equipment, identification date, technical parameters and the implementation of standards.

      5, vacuum packaging machine manufacturing enterprises are currently implementing standards GB/T9177-2004 standard machine models are based on the kind of distinction between primary design sealing length (that is, heating platoon length) to determine, for example, 400mm long heating Pai (packaging machines) called 400 (usually known), by analogy, 500mm long length of the heating packaging machine type, and so is 500, the type normally appearing on the market are : 400, 500-, 550-, 600-, 700-, 680-, 800-, etc., and of course many of the non-users for use with special models, In vacuum packaging machine structure should also have other, more important technical parameters with different manufacturers, different brands of vacuum packaging machines are different (for example : double spacing 350mm, length 400mm sealing called 400 planes, and double spacing 450mm and 400mm sealing length also known as 400 planes). Double room, single room planes and planes are set to the length of sealing models.

      We believe that users in the selection of vacuum packaging machines, not simply as models to select models. Popular stresses : As all users of food production (packaging) different packaging sizes vary, vacuum packaging technology for different levels, the efficiency of the different requirements (such as output size), and should be based on the user's own product characteristics (including : liquid, solid, powder, white, semi-liquid; Paste pickle products, meat, cooked food, marine products, etc.), packaging bags size size (including : pocket width, bags vertical length, with good supplies of high (thickness) to finalize what is appropriate for the type users. ) users is the primary basis for determining the type of packaging machines sealing length, double spacing, the largest available high vacuum chamber, whole sets or production efficiency, and so on.

      6, vacuum packaging machine in the same model, different manufacturers produce products in addition to the above aspects are similar, the key lies in the major components of a high level of distinction, quality good or bad. Generally, the decision caused the packaging mechanism is a key element in the internal components of the quality, choice of high-grade, famous, excellent manufacturers of vacuum pumps and electrical components to ensure a good working machine performance and life critical, and selecting large exhaust volume (high ventilation rates) vacuum pump is raising machine grades important factors, but equipment costs are high.

      7, either in factories or in the ordering of equipment vendors, manufacturers or distributors of the customer to the professional services capability and service attitude of understanding, to choose the perfect after-sale conditions manufacturers or vendors, and a real attention to the after-sale commitment.

      8, the purchase of equipment, and may have some knowledge of your technical staff to learn to be enjoyed, and equipment multifaceted understanding, simply from the appearance of the plane taken to guard against the practice.

    二、Second, special specifications (non-pillar) - type vacuum packaging machine ordering instructions :
    Special specifications (non-pillar) type users to manufacturers to provide the following information to allow manufacturers to determine the structure of the form of machinery and equipment quotations.
    1, what packaging products (features, shape), and packaging results;
    2, the use of packaging bags 〖 size specifications (sealing length) x high (after packaging bagging high) 〗
    3, the production team to use the equipment for packing volume (production packaging efficiency) : the number of packets packets / hour)
    4, the use of environmental materials to equipment, the use of the structure.

      Note : clients and manufacturers in determining the price, we must understand clearly that manufacturers set models for users in size, structure, especially with wood, the selection of suitable materials and internal components, such as : vacuum pumps use models, size, a different brand, will affect the cost and quality of equipment, Other components of the grades have chosen this machine may affect the cost and reliability.

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